Get Over narcissistic abuse and be happy

Don’t waste one more second of your life being sidetracked trying to figure out the the insanity of your narcissist. There is no making sense of crazy. Instead, it’s time to repair the collateral damage left behind after being devalued and discarded by a narcissist you probably thought was the love of your life–but wasn’t. Accept that he or she turned out to be your enemy instead. Trade in your grief, sadness, fear and anxiety for what you truly deserve: lasting peace and happiness. You may still be walking through hell, but you only fail if you stop and give up. My dear friends, you are just a few short steps away from emerging on the other side. Keep walking.

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After narcissistic abuse many men and women are left penniless, financially destitute, and even homeless. I remember feeling more isolated and helpless when I was living in my car and I had no money to purchase e-books or pay for personal coaching or counseling.  

This purpose for this site is to be a repository of FREE curated information from the best minds and authors on the topic of narcissistic abuse. You will not find anything here listed as ‘insider information’ or placed behind a paywall, accessible to subscribers who can afford to pay.  

In other words, you will never have to worry about not being able to afford paying for something.  Here you will find easy-to-comprehend information, resources, videos, music, stories and more–all courtesy of the good doctor Google.

“After my husband left, I felt my life was over. I couldn’t wrap my head around everything that was occurring. All I could think about was the memories of all the good times–the times that I now know were never really true–all just carefully crafted theatrics. Had it not been for the many great articles and resources available online, I never would have made it. I had no money.

Sandra Donovan

 My wife met a man online  and had been carrying on an affair right under my nose. One day I came home to find a note and the house empty. I was not prepared for the heartbreak and pain. Narcissistic abuse is not limited to women suffering at the hands of men. Women are also perpetrators of tremendous heartbreak and grief.”

Jerry Mosier


Healed. Happy. Moved on. 


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