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Advice and resources that are always 100% free. Really. 

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It’s Time

It’s time to take your power and your life back after being devalued and discarded by a narcissist you thought was the love of your life but turned out to be your enemy. 

Power isn’t the only think taken from you by the narcissist. A number of things need to be taken back by the rightful owner: you. It’s time to trade in your grief, sadness, fear and anxiety for what you truly deserve: peace and happiness.

You may we walking through hell, but you only fail if you stop. Things you are looking for are just a few short steps away. Keep walking.

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The Real You

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Find Closure

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Happy Again

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Thrive again

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No Money? No worries. 

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Many men and women are left pennliess, financially destitute, and even homeless by their narcissist. We know what it’s like to feel even worse when you have no money to pay for a healing program or recovery coach services. 

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No no one person holds the key to your healing. On this site you will a curated  collection of information from the best minds and in the area of narcissistic abuse recovery. We will never offer ‘insider’ content available only to subscribers for a fee or place anything behind a paywall. We sell no products, services, e-books, counseling, or coaching packages. Just easy-to-comprehend information that’s always free and publicly discoverable courtesy of our dear Dr. Google.

You Will Never Be Asked For Money Here 

When your recovery journey is over, you will be a wise seasoned traveler to the road of self-doscovery and self-respect. You’re going to come out of this more comfortable with your journey than you have ever been in your life. 

You will no longer see yourself as a helpless victim, but as an empowered and distunguished veteran of the psychic wars. You’ll not only be a survivor, but you will enjoy the settled peace that comes from knowing that you looked fear and uncertainty in the face and were courageous.

Better yet, with your new-found knowledge, you’ll be better able to recognize disordered people as they come across your radar and take appropriate actions to not become entangled with them. Go you!

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There’s a brand new world out there beyond your disordered ex. Places to go, people to meet, and places yet to be discovered. We’re here to help you stop viewing yourself and your life through the lens of the person who said and did so many things to hurt you. There are many resources here to help you.


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